A Message from the 42 Ideals

#5…I Affirm that All Life is Sacred…


May we see all life, humans, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, plants and trees as sacred, for indeed if we see all as a gift of Mother Earth than surely all is sacred.  Treat all living things that are in our world as if they were a wonderful blessing.  Some of us are vegetarians, some say they do not eat anything with a face, others feel that creatures that are killed to be consumed must be slaughtered with special ceremony and honored for their sacred gifts.  The Temple of Isis does not have a policy for how its members choose to dine, it is up to them.  If however, they see that there are areas where there is mistreatment of any kind of life, it would be necessary to speak up or attempt to change any mistreatment of that which they encounter.  As we become more aware of the sacredness of all life we become more concerned about cruelty to anything alive.  We are anti-war declaring that no form of destruction can solve any problem.  All violence of any kind is considered an abomination.

Update on Today’s Conditions at Isis Oasis Sanctuary