The Divine Mother Needs You!

“Your Mother Nuit embraces your,

She receives you in Joy!

Your Mother conceals you,

She makes you live,

She makes your place,

She repeats your protection 

And your joy eternally.

Your Mother Nuit receives you in Jubilation!.”

Hymn to the Divine Mother, Ancient Egypt 

~ Thanks Rev. Tracy Kronzak 

The core of our spirit mission at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary, is to create a refuge for the ALL children of the Divine Mother – be they feathered, scaled, furred and especially our human brethren who need a place to ‘safely’ transitional between the difficult phases of their lives. 

As many of you know we are the oldest Temple and Sanctuary dedicated the Divine Mother, She of Ten Thousand Names in North America. Since our beloved founder Lady Loreon Vigne came home to the Oasis over 40+ years ago – we have created and maintained this sacred healing Temple as part of our offering and work to the Divine Mother, with joy in our hearts.

During this time we have been able to keep the lights on, the animals feed, and the Sanctuary open by running the Isis Oasis Retreat Center. This means that when large groups and individuals come to stay at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary, all those funds go directly into maintaining and manifesting this sacred Temple of the Divine Mother, with all of our spiritual missions that go into running this magical Oasis that we all know and love.

Update – October 25th, 2019 2:30PM

Right now we are asking for help! Due to the fires right now all our groups for the rest of the year have canceled and we are being told that we can’t come back to the sanctuary till October 30th, 2019 : This means that we have bills that still need to paid, animals that need loving care and our beautiful humans that need help too.

We haven’t had to ask for donations (when you visit, our usual reply to the donation question is “Whatever the Spirit moves you to give) as we have been lucky enough to be mainly self supporting. Sadly the last few years have proven to us that no one, no temple or organization is an island unto itself and we too need help!

We are asking that you donate now via PayPal at [email protected] – All donations are tax deductible and they are greatly appreciated! 

The Past Few Years :

The past few years have been tough for the Isis Oasis Sanctuary & The Temple of Isis as due to the fires effecting our core revenue making business, ‘The Isis Oasis Sanctuary’ has suffered from the overall lack of tourism in Sonoma. Yet we have struggled and kept the lights on, the animals feed and the Sanctuary gates open! 

In 2015 as Harbin Hot Springs burnt down, we opened our doors to those individuals from Harbin that needed a place to be ‘safe’ in as they transitioned into a new phase of their lives. We host over 30 individuals for a few months on the Sanctuary grounds at no cost to them as part our mission to be a sanctuary for ALL the Divine Mother’s children.

In 2017, right during the middle of our yearly gathering celebrating the Divine Mother the largest wildfire in Northern California history broke out. We had to evacuate the Oasis and move our animals a few times during that horrible week. Yet we did it and kept going. As tourism to Sonoma over the next few months came to a halt, we decided to open our doors again to those in need. 

This time we went out and got qualified with FEMA to host individuals in need with pets, we were one of the few places in Sonoma to offer this service. Over the next 7 months we hosted over $70K worth of ‘approved’ FEMA voucher individuals. 

Yet every time we went to get reimburse by FEMA there was a problem, until we were told that we didn’t qualify as we were a ‘church.’ Did we stop helping people? No, we keep our doors open to those in need, hoping we could work out the FEMA problem via our local congressional office rep… No such luck.  We also were turned down by FEMA again after being approved for the small business loan program due the fact we were a ‘church.’ 

Despite the fact that we were no longer ‘approved’ by FEMA – they kept us on their list of approved sites for animals and kept us posted to their listed ‘approved’ online – meaning we kept being sent individuals that if we could host we did at our own cost!

In 2019, we had the whole Oasis full of delightful LGBT individuals who got washed out by the horrible flooding in Guerneville that forced many people out of their homes. We hosted them for over a week at no cost to them, but by outside donations. 


Many blessing upon you!

Temple of Isis / Isis Oasis Sanctuary

An Animal Sanctuary and Retreat Center guided by the Divine Feminine, operated by Temple of Isis, a 501(c)3 non-profit.