Update on current fires, evacuees and fundraising:

Downtown Geyserville and Isis Oasis Sanctuary are no longer under evacuation advisory.  We are happy to say that our animals are home safely, volunteers who evacuated to care for family and friends are returning, and the evacuees we have been housing on site are continuing to have safe haven at the Oasis as they determine next steps moving into the future.

Currently, a controlled burn is being conducted through the fire area close to us to avoid dangerous conditions that could present if a new fire lit unexpectedly.  We have been blessed over the last several days with incredible air quality – starry skies at night and blue skies in the day.  For this we are thankful to the vineyards to our east.

We are ever so grateful for the calls, emails and messages of support we have received from across the country and beyond!  Your prayers and well wishes have lifted us up countless times the past week.

Blessings on all the volunteers, donors and care givers in service throughout Sonoma County and across the United States, for their tireless work!

The Temple of Isis wishes to acknowledge our brothers and sisters throughout the world experiencing fires, drought, earthquakes and the aftermath of these.  We pray for those in Spain and Portugal suffering with massive fires, and those in Ireland under threat of storms.  We mourn with those grieving losses in South Asia, and we ask for immediate support for those still without basic needs in Puerto Rico.

May the Goddess extend her wings over All.


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Update October 13, 2017 :

Back in 2015, Isis Oasis Sanctuary housed 35 long term evacuees from the Lake County and Napa County Wildfires.  We opened our Sanctuary to those in need, and will continue to do so.

At that time, the Sanctuary was out of harms way, and the community raised $1,300 via an Indigogo Campaign to help provide a stable temporary space for evacuees.

As of Friday morning, October 13th, we are still under a voluntary evacuation advisory, and those joining us should be aware that status can change at any moment.  Thus far, the Oasis has been a wonderful place of rest for travelers going either north or south, as well as, longer term stays.

We have been taking small numbers of evacuees including families and their pets, since the current fires began.  We can provide a limited number of beds and meals for those looking for housing and rest.  We have been blessed to receive a food donation that enables us to provide, not only free shelter, but also free meals.  First responders are welcome, as well as, evacuees.

We are so deeply grateful for the incredibly hard work of emergency services.

May All Beings Be Safe from harm.


General Fundraising Wishlist

The Temple of Isis and Isis Oasis Sanctuary have many projects in need of your support.  These include structural upgrades, as well as, on going basic care for our animals.

  • Pavilion Code Retrofit/Renovation – $100k
  • Donations/Gifts of any amount (see paypal donation button below)
  • Angel Investors, Grants, & Underwriters
  • Integration Software/Staff Computers (donations welcome) – $10k
  • Website Redesign (Professional Quality; donated time or barter preferred)
  • Ongoing Care & Feeding for 75 Animals & Reptiles – $25-2500 per animal
  • Enlarging Animal Enclosures – $60k
  • Lodge Plumbing Overhaul – $20k
  • Ongoing Grounds Projects & Improvements – Materials/Lumber/Plants

All donations are tax deductible.

You may also wish to donate a $1 or more via Paypal. Click on the button below – any amount is a blessing to our cause, and your generosity is our greatest gift to the animals and property.


You can also donate each time you shop on at no extra cost to you our us via their Smile Program. Click on the link below to learn how.

Reservations and General Questions :
Office : 707-857-4747
Direct Email : [email protected]

Temple Of Isis

Your contribution, no matter how great or small, will continue our work in preserving this beautiful 10 acre Sanctuary. We love and appreciate all our donors, and hope you can some day see the fruits or your generosity on site. If you live too far away, we will gladly send you photos of any animal you choose to sponsor. In future months, we will be showcasing these animals, birds and reptiles in their very own “Adopt an Animal” section.