The Grounds at Isis Oasis
Kittens at Isis Oasis

Kittens at Isis Oasis


  Do you love our vision and wish to contribute to the day to day operating expenses of our Temple and/or the animals and birds we care for?  These are just some of the things we have a need for:

–Candles for the altars in the Grand Temple and Small Temple.

–Incense and matches for all the altars.

–Sponsor a favorite Animal! You can contribute to the care and feeding of our Ocelots, Servals, Aviary, Vivarium, Goats, and Alpacas.

–Landscaping: Groundskeeping, Gardening, and keeping our Great Tree happy and healthy (routine trimming of damaged or falling branches).

–New Roof for our Pavilion! This will be one of our biggest projects moving forward from 2014 into 2015.

Your contribution, no matter how great or small, will continue our work in preserving this beautiful 10 acre Sanctuary. We love and appreciate all our donors, and hope you can some day see the fruits or your generosity on site. If you live too far away, we will gladly send you photos.


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