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Tucked away on the south end of Geyserville is Isis Oasis Retreat Center, Temple and Animal Sanctuary.Isis Oasis

Once a Pomo Indian ceremonial ground, then a Bahai’ School, it is now home to the Egyptian Temple of Isis, founded in 1978 by San Francsico artist Loreon Vigne.

Vigne calls the sanctuary her living art project, with a 500-year-old fir tree as its centerpiece. The property is also home to the exotic cats she has been raising and breeding for more than 40 years. Among them are servals, jungle cats, bobcats and domestic born ocelets. Vigne says she is the only known ocelot breeder to reach a seventh generation of the endangered species.

The Isis Temple hosts self-guided services each Sunday at 3 p.m., with Lady Loreon or an Isis priestess in residence, followed at 4 p.m. by tea and discussion. All are welcome.

San Francisco Examiner Article
Isis Oasis is a local retreat center here in the Bay Area. One can enjoy the café, soak in its pool and spa, enjoy the garden and concert hall or various wild animals including white peacocks, or just hang out in a natural relaxed environment on the shady side of the wine country.

The cult of Isis dates back over five millennia to before 3200 BCE in pre-dynasty Egypt. Isis was the Mother Goddess, wife to Osiris and mother to Horus. She was worshipped as the goddess of motherhood, nature, fertility and feminine sex magic.

In western terms, we could liken this trinity to the Holy Mother, the Holy Father, and the Holy Son where God has a Spouse, whether that is our physical Planet Earth or an energetic expression of the wife of true Divinity.

In the channeled book, The Magdalen Manuscript, the spirit of Mary Magdalene states that she was a high priestess of the cult of Isis who became the partner to Jesus of Nazareth, and she was also known as the favorite disciple.

Whatever your flavor of history, the ancient temples of Isis are available locally now, just within reach of the Napa Valley wine country.

Isis Oasis has adopted a traditional Egyptian theme in rural Geyserville, much like a cross between San Jose’s Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and a Napa Valley retreat with all the trimmings. From healthy fare at the Mummy Café to the original artwork created by owner and visionary artist Loreon Vigne, the retreat is soothing even for those not fond of the legends of Isis. Founded in 1978 as a California non-profit, the retreat center also offers musical concerts and original plays on a regular basis, as well as its remarkable temple to the goddess of Isis.

For more information on Isis Oasis, call 707-857-4747.


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