Loreon and her snake during an animal tour

Isis Oasis Sanctuary was founded in 1978, by Loreon Vigne. Before that time Loreon had a successful art business in San Francisco, specializing in enamels and stain glass. She had a collection of exotic Ocelot cats at her home in the City, and when regulations against owning exotic cats within the City were imposed, Loreon moved to the countryside to provide a new home for her cats. Having lived on Isis Street and having a series of other encounters with the Goddess Isis, Loreon decided to transform the property into an Egyptian themed retreat center, and got to work creating her beautiful stain glass artistry to decorate the buildings, and built enclosures for her cats and exotic birds she began to acquire, and little by little, the animal sanctuary was born. Groups began using the space for retreats, workshops, weddings, concerts, and a myriad of other activities. Now, 34 years later Isis Oasis has provided thousands of people a positive memorable experience, and has offered housing to hundreds of staff doing work/trade.

Previously, the property was the home of the Bahai School for 70 years, and later was owned by John Muir’s grandson. In the center of the property, is a 600 year old Russian Fir tree, which the famous arborist, Luther Burbank marveled at, is evidence that the Russians were here before Columbus! Hundreds of weddings have taken place over the years under this incredible tree.

Now in this momentous point in history, Isis Oasis is expanding and upgrading it’s programs and services to meet the dawn of a new era.

Come join us for an afternoon with the kids to see the animals, or plan your next event here on our beautiful wine country property!


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