Geyserville – Planning Your Visit

geyservilleGeyserville, CA, is an hour and fifteen minutes north of San Francisco, in beautiful Sonoma County. We boast some of the most magnificent vineyards and talented wine makers in the world.

Visitors come to Geyserville from around the world to experience the finest in food and wine, as well as our gorgeous and romantic country side, that rivals even the most exotic of European destinations.

The Geyserville Chamber of Commerce represents the pinnacle of wine country businesses. Talented artists, artisans and long running, family owned commerce defines us. We offer an exciting and rich economic community for individuals and small business as well as medium and large companies. Come visit us, join us at the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce, and experience small town charm in a world class destination.

Isis Oasis is uniquely located off the Russian River, right in the heart of Geyserville. Tasting rooms just a five minute walk away. For more adventures into World Class Wine, Healdsburg is home to many wonderful family owned and boutique wineries, as well as bigger entities that you might find in the supermarket wine sections. Healdsburg is only 15 minutes south of Geyserville. The township of Sonoma is about 45 minutes to an hour away, with a bustling and well-known wine map.  Napa is roughly an hour away.  Start with the Russian River Wine Road, and plan your custom trip through these wonderful appellations. Below is a list of wineries, restaurants, and attractions that are very close to Isis Oasis. Take this handy Geyserville Wineries Map with you when you go exploring.


Cast Wines * F  707-431-1225   8500 Dry Creek Road

Clos du Bois Winery *  707-857-3100   19410 Geyserville Avenue

David Coffaro Vineyard F  707-433-9715   7485 Dry Creek Rd

deLorimier Winery F  707-857-2000   2001 Highway 128

Dutcher Crossing Winery * 1st Weekend Only  707-431-2700   8533 Dry Creek Road

Francis Ford Coppola Winery *  707-857-1462   300 Via Archimedes

Frick Winery  707-857-1980   23072 Walling Road

Locals Tasting Room  707-857-4900   21023-A Geyserville Avenue

Mercury Wine * F  707-857-9870   21015 Geyserville Avenue

Pedroncelli Winery * F  800-836-3894   1220 Canyon Road

Ramazzotti Wines * F  707-814-0016   21015 Geyserville Avenue

Robert Young Estate Winery *  707-431-4811   4960 Red Winery Road

Route 128 Vineyards & Winery F  707-696-0004   21079 Geyserville Ave

Sbragia Family Vineyards * F 1st Weekend Only  707-473-2992   9990 Dry Creek Road

Silver Oak Cellars  707-942-7082   24625 Chianti Road

Starlite Vineyards * F  707-431-1102   5511 Highway 128

Stryker Sonoma  707-433-1944   5110 Hwy. 128

The Meeker Vineyard  707-431-2148   21035 Geyserville Avenue

Trentadue Winery * 1st Weekend Only  707-433-3104   19170 Geyserville Avenue

Trione Winery F 1st Weekend Only  707-814-8100   19550 Geyserville Avenue




Costeaux French Bakery

Diavola Pizzeria

Geyserville Chamber of Commerce Restaurants

Hoffman House Restaurant

Quail Run Buffet at the River Rock Casino

Rustic, at Francis Ford Coppola Winery



River Rock Casino



Burke’s Canoe Trips

River Kayak, Canoe, Floating, and Rafting – Russian River Adventures

Rivers Edge Kayaking & Canoe


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