Animal Sanctuary

animal-sanctuary-cat-osirisExotic animals at Isis Oasis

We over 75 animals on 10 acres here for you to enjoy.  Many of these them are threatened or endangered species in the wild, and we seek to educate, while providing or guests with the opportunity to experience them up close.  Some of the tamer wild cats and birds can be handled under supervision from our Habitat and Animal Managers.

As part of our fundraising efforts, we will be implementing an Adopt an Animal program featuring our guest favorites and those elusive creatures not often seen as well. Did you know that for $25.00, you can provide enrichment (such as grooming, toys, and so on) for an Ocelot for a month? A $60.00 donation can feed one for a week. $2,500.00 can cover Nose-to-Tail vet costs for several months, as many of our beautiful rescued ocelots, servals, and bob cat are well into their geriatric years. Isis, who was born here, is celebrating her 22th birthday in 2018.

Reservations and General Questions :
Office : 707-857-4747
Direct Email : [email protected]


African Crowned Cranes, Bearded Dragon, Prince the Iguana, Fancy pigeons, Golden, Impyan, Rare and Rainbow Pheasants, Doves, White and Blue Peacocks, Jungle Cats, Boa Constrictors, leopard Gecko, Macaws, Savannah cats, Ocelots, Quail, Royal palm Turkeys, Servals, Tarantulas, Umbrella Cockatoo, Budgies, Parots, Veiled Cameleon, Walking Sticks, Yellow Sand Scorpion, Zebra Finches, Alpacas, and lots, lots more.

You can visit us or book a tour by reservation, or visit us after our 3pm Sunday Scrolls Services for a guided tour of our Aviary, Vivarium, or Cats. The cost is just $25 per person/$15 for children and goes directly to feeding and caring for the animals you support.  Call 707 857-4747 to make a reservation.




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