animal-sanctuary-cat-osiris     Exotic animals at Isis Oasis

   We have many animals here for you to enjoy.  Many of these animals are threatened species in the wild, and so we are caring for them, while providing or guests with the opportunity to be up close.  Some of the tamer wild cats and birds can be carried and pet.  

We have an adopt an animal program, called the Wings of Isis.  If you would like to donate to help us. Click here to make a donation


Animal Tours- Visit our animals from A -Z

African Crowned Cranes Bob Cat, Corn Snake, Dragon with beard,Egyptian Geese, Fancy faintail pigeon, Golden pheasants, Impyan Pheasants, Jungle Cats, King snakes, Leopard Gecko, Macaws, Nuroni the Savannah, Ocelots, Quail, Royal palm Turkeys,

Servals, Tarantulas, Umbrella Cockatoo, Veiled Cameleon, Walking Sticks, Yellow Sand Scorpion, Zebra Finches, plus  Many More!

You can visit us by reservation,  create a group, take a tour, have lunch in our Pavilion, and see an ecological film in our theater.  Cost is just $25 per person/$15 for children.  Call 707 857-4747 to make a reservation.






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