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2020 : The Year of Clear Vision

Hello Oh Beautiful Ones,

We often use the beginning of a new year to start fresh. So I want to start this message by sharing that you are wonderful just the way you are, and I hope that you are gentle with yourself as you set goals for 2020.

Recently during one of our weekly Sunday Scrolls it was my pleasure to sit down with our lovely High Priestess deTraci Regula and members of the Isis Oasis community to talk about the power of kindness, gratitude, and working on the wellness of both oneself and the world.

We opened up and shared our joint vulnerability – we all chatted about our unique struggles. We really connected with each other and everyone in that room about the effort they put into live bravely and heal during our every day existence.

At this Sunday Scrolls, deTraci said, “intentions help you examine the “why” behind the why.” So as we walk the path of the Divine Mother into the new year of 2020, the Temple of Isis sets out with the intention to make the world a kinder, and braver place that supports people and prioritizes wellness.

It is my own personal goal to spread love and kindness via my own actions, words, and indeed to remind everyone that they should be kind to all beings, starting with themselves.

Now I want to hear from you! How will you set kind intentions in 2020? How will you prioritize your own wellness?

Your kindness will heal the world!

In the Loving Arms of the Divine Mother,
Rev. Justin Howard
Temple of Isis / Isis Oasis Sanctuary

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